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Door dings: are the most common dents repaired using the Paintless Dent Repair process. They are typically equivalent to a quarter in size or smaller. Depending on the depth and location of the dent, door ding repairs are usually repaired within 15-45 minutes

Medium dents: range in size in comparison to a golf ball to the size of a standard business card. Depending on the depth and location on the vehicle of the dent. Medium dents are usually repaired within 30-90 minutes

Large dents: Can be the most complicated to repair. Several specialized Paintless Dent Repair tools, methods, and angling methods may be required to perform repairs of this type. Due to the extreme nature of these dents, large dents are usually repaired within 4-8 hours

Body line dents: are very difficult to remove but can be done! These dents have impacted the body line of the vehicle and require extensive work to repair. Depending on the size and location of the dent, body line dents are usually repaired within 2-4 hours

Hail damage Repair: Varies extensively due to the nature of it, and is reviewed on a case by case basis in order to determine the most accurate estimate of repair time and cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT DOES PDR STAND FOR? PDR stands for Paintless Dent Repair. Please view the video on the left (courtesy of PDR Nation) for a thorough explanation.

HOW DOES PDR WORK? We use PDR specific metal rods of all shapes and sizes to slowly ""massage"" out the dent from the backside of the damaged panel. If we cannot get to the back of the panel then we have to use a pulling method from the outside of the dented panel. Eye-hand coordination is a must as well as lots of patience!

CAN PDR REPAIR YOUR DENT? The two most important factors determining whether or not a dent can be repaired are it's depth and location. Shallow dents away from the edges of panels and bodylines are preferable. Often times a picture is necessary to give an accurate quote and to determine if it can be repaired.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? It depends... nickel size dents in an accessible area can be repaired in a matter of minutes whereas a larger deeper dent on a bodyline could take hours.